Coming Soon: AI Mastery Program

Coming Soon: AI Mastery Program

Build Practical AI Skills Beyond Certificates

Join our Practical AI Community space for free to connect, learn, and validate your AI skills. Unlock your full potential with our offerings tailored to boost your career, team or business.

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Designed to help you evolve with AI

Upskill fast. Stay ahead of AI changes. Showcase your expertise.

Upskill fast. Stay ahead of AI changes. Showcase your expertise.


Save yourself from information overload

Find the best AI resources fast in our free community space with events, curated content and AI-powered recommendations to save you time. Upgrade for personalised learning that fits your goals.


Keep on top of AI without falling behind on work

Our offerings give you customized experiences aligned with your career ambitions, skill level, and company objectives where relevant so you keep your AI skills ahead of the curve while remaining productive and effective with your work.


Maintain your skills with AI-Powered verification

Track your skills as you actively learn with our AI-enabled spaces. Our offerings feature interactive assessments to validate your expertise, rewarding you with renewable badges for continuous skill maintenance and credibility backed by evidence.

Modern Skills Need Modern Learning Solutions

Our community, curated content, and AI-powered learning features combine into our platform
- a dynamic learning environment designed for the rapidly evolving AI ecosystem

Learning Spaces

Our vibrant Practical AI community is the heart of our learning approach. Connect with like-minded individuals and experts to gain insights, share knowledge, and accelerate your AI skill development.

Smart Curated Content

Discover actionable AI knowledge through real-world examples and diverse viewpoints. Our curated content keeps you up-to-date and provides practical applications for your work.

AI-Powered Personalisation

Experience the power of AI-enhanced learning. Our platform adapts to your unique needs with progress tracking and personalized recommendations. Stay ahead in the fast-paced world of AI.

Krzysztof Bratnicki

Business Development Manager, Inetum

This event was awesome. The best confirmation for this is the quality of attendees. They were amazing experts who were great to talk to while having a slice of pizza. Hands down the best AI event in Europe that I've been to!

Ian Broom

CEO, Fliplet

I am amazed by the platform they created. They don’t stop at showing people how AI is changing the world, but teach the practical tips & tricks on how to be more productive at work, and how to make AI work for each individual, every day.

Sheenagh Rogers

CPO, SuperAwesome
(Ex. Cleo)

One-size-fits-all doesn't make sense in L&D. Traditional LMS' don't allow for these differences. That Mindstone offers a more tailored approach is music to my ears and a huge leap in how people re&up-skill in an ever changing world of work.


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