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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the people and faces behind Mindstone

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Wöhle

Co-founded SuperAwesome in 2013 and, reflecting on his unconventional educational journey, including a remote MBA from the Open University, recognized the need for learner-focused education. This realization led him to establish Mindstone.

Chief Product Officer

Melinda Jacobs

With over 12 years of experience, Melinda is Mindstone’s Chief Product Officer and a gamification specialist who founded Subatomic, an agency focused on behavior-changing digital experiences. Her passion lies in merging gaming with human behavior insights.

Chief Technology Officer

Florian Zysset

Previously an engineer for Monzo bank and SuperAwesome, faced career-study conflicts while pursuing his bachelor's degree in the evening. With Mindstone, he aims to create a flexible learning platform that tailors to individual needs and passions.

Founding Engineer

Stefan Keranov

A web developer with experience at SuperAwesome and others, embraced independent learning techniques after joining Mindstone, enhancing his tech industry knowledge.

Software Engineer

Liam Collins

A Front End Engineer, has worked across various industries and transitioned to programming in his late 20s after a bootcamp at General Assembly, boasting both a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters in Economic Science.

Senior Product Designer

Oana Demian

For over 11 years, Oana has championed UX design in tech, aiding startups in adopting effective design strategies and mentoring them towards understanding user needs. She's passonate about building better digital products.

Mobile Engineer

Guilherme Mota

With a degree from the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Gui has shaped diverse industries and specializes in developing mobile applications, contributing to companies like SuperAwesome and Automattic.

Mobile Engineer

Harry Bloom

A software engineer with a decade's experience in mobile, worked at Deloitte Digital and Wevat, and now aids Mindstone in app development, all while staying connected to his British roots from Lyon, France.

Product Designer

Melissanthi Papacharalampous

A versatile product designer with experience in transforming complex projects into user-centric solutions. Her breadth of work includes working on legal automation software, leading significant environmental projects, and designing intricate supply chain builders, consistently delivering innovative designs.