Frequenty Asked Questions

What is Mindstone? 

Mindstone is an a web & mobile app that helps you learn faster, remember more and get things done by letting you organise and annotate articles, videos and podcasts from all over the web in one single place.

What can I upload to Mindstone?

You can upload web pages, PDFs, video and audio (MP3s and podcasts) to Mindstone and also add email content by forwarding emails to You can even auto-forward using GMail, so your newsletters are added to Mindstone automatically. 

Can I use Mindstone with my team and colleagues?

Yes. We have made Mindstone easy for you to use as an individual and as a collaborative tool. You can share one or many pieces of content with friends or colleagues.  

Is Mindstone free to use?

Yes. Mindstone is in BETA and FREE; making NOW the perfect time to start using Mindstone. 

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