User story #2 : Francine Keating

User story #2 : Francine Keating

Published on
Aug 6, 2021
Stephanie Kolesar-Dale

We’ve been interviewing Mindstone users to figure out how to help them learn faster and remember more. This feedback allows us to put our users’ needs and problems at the centre of our day-to-day work.

This week’s user is Francine Keating, co-founder of a startup called Remote Kontrol, which exists to help organizations to get remote-ready. Since discovering Mindstone a few weeks ago Francine has already integrated it into her day-to-day workflow:

“Mindstone is exactly the tool I’ve been looking for. My co-founder is based in London; I'm in Portugal, and we're going to do a series of video blogs”

With her co-founder based in a different country, Mindstone makes sharing content easy. Mindstone allows her to share the key information she has extracted, commented on and highlighted in her articles, helping her team to be more productive:

“There are times, after you’ve just read or watched content, where you want to take some time to yourself to think about it, and other times, you can’t wait to run it past someone and work together.”

Mindstone helps Francine to create instant notes when she spots important information. The split screen means she doesn’t have to dip in and out and can just have Mindstone open, rather than many other tabs:

“Split screen with your notes on one side is amazing. That's great, because you don't have to go out into something else”

Finally, Francine has also found Mindstone useful outside of her working life: 

“I have recently joined an online book club and was wondering how I was going to make notes - now I’ve got the perfect tool for the job!”

Stay tuned for more stories from our users.

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