User interview #1 : Guido Calderini

User interview #1 : Guido Calderini

Published on
Sep 20, 2021
Reginald Bien-Aime

One of Mindstone’s core missions is to teach people how to learn. The entire team has been working to achieve this objective and help our users face and overcome the challenges of learning: focusing, remembering, organising  and getting organised. 

In order to provide our community with the best tools, our team has been interviewing Mindstone users on a regular basis. This enables constructive feedback and allows us to continuously put our users’ needs & problems at the centre of our day-to-day work. This series will introduce you to some of our users and find out how they use Mindstone. Most importantly, you’ll find out what problem(s) our platform solves for them.

This week’s user is Guido Calderini, a grad student that has been using the app  while writing his Master’s thesis. We were pleased to discover how Mindstone has been integrated in his workflow and what features are his favourites. During the interview, he admitted that he has been looking for an app like ours for a while, and that he was almost completely sold from the first trial. 

“There was no need to convince me: I have been looking for exactly this for a long, long time.”

Mindstone helps him keep track of his research, remember what the main idea of a particular document is and what other ideas revolve around the main topic.

Knowing what we do well is good, but it is even more important to focus on what we can improve. Guido highlighted the fact that he would appreciate… well… more colours to highlight his texts.

“I had a little trouble with highlighters and how to change the different labels, and I think I was still trying to look for things like color schemes or add extra highlighters.”

He also shared with us a really important concern about data backup. Indeed, he was worried that, if mindstone “disappears” at some point in the future, he would lose his notes. 

“God forbid you guys disappear tomorrow and and have all of my PDFs, you know, a website with all of my highlights and notes of years of research, that would be bad.”

This is a great problem to have - it means our users are really getting value from Mindstone, and care about what happens to their content. When we heard this request we got to work, and we’ve figured out a way to export individual resources, and even to export the entire contents of a workspace as a zipped folder. So users like Guido can be confident that what they add to Mindstone will always be theirs, even if the company itself were to disappear.

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