User interview #3 : Barbara Lassey

User interview #3 : Barbara Lassey

Published on
Aug 25, 2021
Reginald Bien-AIme

We’ve been interviewing Mindstone users to figure out how to help them learn faster and remember more. This feedback allows us to put our users’ needs and problems at the centre of our day-to-day work.

This week's user is Barbara Lassey, social science and humanities teacher for almost ten years in London. She is eager to learn and to diversify her skills and experience, as demonstrated in 2019, when she went volunteering in Ghana and then took a course on UX/UI design when she got back. 

Barbara has been using Mindstone for a few months now and had many things to tell us about the tool and how she has been using it. At first it took her a while to explore the platform and figure out how she could use it as part of her daily routine.

“I wasn't a hundred percent sure what Mindstone was, or what I was supposed to do with it. So it did take a couple of hours here and there, just to see how it could benefit me in my personal space, and in my professional space.”

Even though she describes herself as more of a “pen and paper" person, she’s increasingly in the habit of using Mindstone's features to get more value out of her online reading. This process also led her to integrate Mindstone into her professional life and start using it with her students. 

"I'm very much into traditional notes, but I can definitely see the benefit of Mindstone in terms of having everything in one place, across all my devices, because I do use quite a few different things including my phone, my work laptop, and my computer at home."

Barbara's favorite features are tags, custom highlighters, taking notes on videos, side-by-side notes, and the ‘remember’ spaced learning algorithm. She is also eager to discover new features, and for Mindstone to improve her user experience. For example, she would love to have more advanced sharing functionality, and for Mindstone to develop a “speech to text” feature to turn her own voice-notes into written documents. 

Although Barbara thinks Mindstone would be useful to teachers, she thinks it will be even more useful for a different user-group:

“So, I see your ideal user being a student who's preparing to write their dissertation or essays and just needs a centralized way of retaining all their notes.”

Barbara has now been an active Mindstone user for two months and is planning to introduce it to her colleagues at the start of the new school year. Keep up the good work!

Stay tuned for more stories from our users.

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