See Your Notes & Resources Side-by-Side

See Your Notes & Resources Side-by-Side

Published on
Jun 21, 2021

Mindstone uses tabs just like your web browser. In this example, we have four tabs open: My Library, the Highlights view, an article, and some notes that are in progress.

Mindstone’s powerful Split View allows you to open two tabs side-by-side to more easily learn, take notes, and process information.

By default, the right hand side shows the to do list, but you can open up any article, note, video, or highlights view and place it next to any other one. You can even drag tabs from one side to the other.

If you open some notes on the right and an article on the left, it’s easy to use that article in the production of your notes.

As another example, pairing a highlights view on the left with some notes on the right makes taking notes based on your highlights a seamless experience.

When you minimize the split panel view, it will remember exactly where you were so that opening it again shows you the same tabs you had before.

Try Split Panel view today -- it’s a great way to speed up your learning.

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