Power User Hacks & Hints

Power User Hacks & Hints

Published on
Jun 21, 2021

You’ve got the hang of the basics: time to flex your super-powers.

Noobs often create multiple workspaces for different areas of interest, but power-users keep their content in one place, and use tags to organize  their workspace. This empowers you to build a web of relationships that folders simply can’t match. 

Make a habit of tagging articles as soon as you’ve read them. Don’t overthink it; it’s easy to tidy them up later. Try using multiple  tags: add both a top-level one and a precision tag that’s specific to the article. If an article spans two topics, add tags for both.

Another great habit is clearing your queue. It’s satisfying to know you’re on top of your reading, and getting down to inbox-zero is proven to enhance productivity. You can always find old articles in your workspace if you need them again later. 

Our last power-user hint  is customizing  your highlighter labels. Click on your user-icon, then select ‘preferences’. You can edit your labels however you like: if you’re a student  you might  want one for ‘references’ and another for ‘thesis’. Professionals often replace the ‘important’ and ‘interesting’ labels with industry-specific ones that they’ll need for work.

These tips are just the beginning: as you explore further you’ll come up with your own techniques and make Mindstone your own.

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