Mindstone - Vision

Mindstone - Vision

Published on
Apr 26, 2021
Joshua Wohle

At Mindstone, we are building a platform that automatically creates the best learning pathways from content available online (articles, podcasts, videos, you name it) to help you reach your learning goals, while at the same time inserting elements of discovery to bring the joy back into learning.

The internet made information universally accessible, Google organised it, and now Mindstone combines it with the science of learning to help people to learn faster, remember more, and develop their skills, interests and career.

In a world with unlimited access to information and resources, we want to provide anyone, anywhere in the world with the tools, confidence and motivation to take ownership of their own learning. As we continue to build out our offering in the future, Mindstone will enable you to

When your learning is more exploratory, Mindstone will enable you to

We want Mindstone to understand your goals, know your preferences, and structure learning around your life instead of getting in your way.

By breaking up your progress into a granular “skill profile”, Mindstone will make learning more tangible while at the same time enabling you to present more accurate assessments of your skills to future employers.

Ultimately, we want to help you accelerate not just your structured learning, but also your just-in-time, on-the-job learning. The platform will keep track of what you have learned, when you learned it, and why, helping you consolidate and apply those learnings in the most effective way.

In a world where many institutions are struggling to iterate on their position as the gatekeepers of learning, Mindstone wants to decentralise it by putting learners back in control and unlocking their true potential.

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