Mindstone secures $2.2M seed funding led by Moonfire Ventures

Mindstone secures $2.2M seed funding led by Moonfire Ventures

Published on
Jul 5, 2021
Joshua Wohle

The investment will allow Mindstone to build a learning platform that develops people’s interests, skills and careers through the power of compound learning.

Mindstone, the platform for compound learning, closed a $2.2M seed round led by Moonfire Ventures. The Fund, Zanichelli Venture & Nex.D also participated in the round, as well as a series of angels including former co-founders at SuperAwesome.

Mindstone focuses on compound learning, a concept rooted in increasing the connections between new and existing knowledge to help you learn faster and remember more¹

The platform lets you organise, share and take notes on web pages, PDFs and academic papers easily so you can learn faster, remember better and get more done. It draws together your highlights and automatically generated flashcards, accelerating the learning process, making use of spaced repetition, fast feedback loops and more.

The team is led by Joshua Wöhle, who has been actively investing in edtech for a few years (LP & VP @ Emerge Education) and previously co-founded SuperAwesome, which was recently acquired by Epic Games (the creators of Fortnite). 

He founded the company in March 2020, the first week of UK lockdown, with his co-founders Patrick Cootes, Florian Zysset, Dr. Melody Lang and Stefan Keranov. They are building a learning platform that provides anyone, anywhere in the world, with the tools, confidence and motivation to take ownership of their own learning. 

“We are moving to a world of continuous learning but the tools to help us do this are insufficient. Mindstone are reinventing the learning process rather than simply shifting the offline classroom experience online. They aim to use online first solutions that also receive the benefit of the power of crowds.” said Mattias Ljungman of Moonfire Ventures.

Joshua Wohle said: “We are determined to close the gap that 200 years of education systems have yet to fill: how we learn. At Mindstone, we don’t represent an establishment or an institution. We only represent the learner. Our mission is to empower you to develop yourself and meet your goals by being in charge of your own learning journey.”

Mindstone, headquartered in London,, is currently being used by students and professionals wanting to accelerate their own learning, as well as institutions as diverse as Techstars to build courses on scaling early stage companies and Queen’s College London to facilitate group work during distance learning.

“We tested Mindstone with the Techstars London batch this year - sharing relevant articles and content week by week during the program. It was incredibly helpful to be able to annotate things and have reminders and notifications sent to the founders to keep them updated with articles that were useful for them at that specific moment of the program,” said Eamonn Carey, Managing Director at Techstars.

About compound learning

Science has shown that the more connections your brain is able to draw between new and existing knowledge, the faster you learn, the more you remember, and the deeper your understanding is. This means that the more you are able to facilitate drawing these connections, the easier it is to learn, thus exponentially accelerating your learning. Hence the term “Compound Learning”.

About Mindstone

Mindstone, the compound learning platform, lets you organise, share and take notes on web pages, PDFs and academic papers easily so you can learn faster, remember better and get more done.The app is completely free to use, although it is currently restricted to desktop-only (mobile coming soon), and can be accessed at www.mindstone.com.

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