How to Easily Search & Find Your Highlights

How to Easily Search & Find Your Highlights

Published on
May 22, 2021
Joshua Wohle

Highlighting your reading is only as useful as your ability to find your highlights again when you need them.

Searching for (& finding) your highlights

Mindstone keeps all your highlights in one place, where you can apply filters to find the ones you’re looking for.

Filtering by highlighter type

If you want to look at particular types of highlights, you can select the one(s) you’re interested in at the top and Mindstone will filter them for you.

Expert tip: tag your articles to super-charge your highlights

The highlights view allows you to filter your search based on the tags you added to your articles. This allows you to combine both your highlighter & your tag filters to quickly drill down to the information you’re looking for. 

Example:  I want to look at all the figures I’ve highlighted in articles in relation to the science of learning.

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