Collaborate And Share Content on Mindstone

Collaborate And Share Content on Mindstone

Published on
Jun 21, 2021

Mindstone is great for collaboration. To share a whole article, just click the share icon and add an email address. To share just a comment with someone who hasn't already got the article in their library, create the comment, then start typing "at" and the person’s email address -- Mindstone will suggest anyone you've collaborated with before.

If you’ve created a side-by-side note and want to share that, click the share icon on the note and share it in exactly the same way you’d share an article. Once you’ve shared a note, that person can read, comment, or highlight your notes, and can even directly contribute to them. This lets a team of people collaborate on notes using one set of resources.

When someone has added something to your articles or notes, you’ll be notified through the bell icon on the left.

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