Conference: Education 4.0

Conference: Education 4.0

Published on
Jul 5, 2021
Reginald Bien-Aime

At Mindstone, we believe that improving the way people learn directly contributes to every other endeavour humanity pursues.To achieve this goal, we cannot solely rely on the impact of technology. We need to change the way we interact in the physical world, and the way we learn from one another. When our partners at Nex.D approached us with the opportunity to place Mindstone at the center of the creation of an international community focusing on the future of Education in the Middle East and  North Africa (MENA) region, the opportunity was too good to pass up.

The case

Education 4.0 is all about creating a growth flywheel for Edtech. To achieve this, data-led narratives were created on what had worked inside and outside of the MENA region. To maximise the experience, these narratives would be placed in shared workspaces on Mindstone available a week before the beginning of the Conference until after the event as part of the range of assets that Education 4.0 would make available to its growing community.

Delegates would then use these shared workspaces to comment, highlight and start the conversation on these data-rich narratives before, during and after the event. Following the event, video recordings of the live sessions were uploaded to the workspaces, to keep the discussion alive and encourage stakeholders to take action.

Our challenge

We asked our COO, Melody, to share some of the behind the scenes implications of this unique collaboration :


“After a smooth technical integration with the conference video platform that enabled Mindstone to be embedded and fully interactive during live sessions, our biggest challenge was to properly brief and prepare both speakers and delegates ahead of time.
We usually let users roam Mindstone freely and figure out their journey as they go; however for Education 4.0, we not only needed to guide our users but also accelerate their onboarding. To do so, we created a short video showing the entire user journey step-by-step. In event planning, great coordination is key and our collaboration with our partners really made a difference to ensure there would be no surprises throughout the 3-day event.” 

What our partner had to say 

“At the beginning of June 2021 we launched the Education 4.0 community with 28 selected case studies in 6 page narrative form covering the themes of “Future of Learning”, “Future of Work'' and the “Future of MENA Edtech”. We immersed 350 top tier delegates from ministries of education and enterprise, international donor agencies, startups, NGOs and international corporates in an asynchronous conversation via dedicated workspaces on Mindstone and then in a synchronous conversation over three successive days. 

I simply can't imagine how we would facilitate such an in depth learning experience on what works in Edtech without the Mindstone platform. It is quite simply our rock and the center of all important and actionable conversations." Colin Brown - Co-Founder of Education 4.0 

We are proud to be involved in the Education 4.0 initiative and to play a central role for its community for the foreseeable future.

About Education 4.0

Education 4.0 is a private sector-led initiative to streamline and accelerate current and existing education initiatives by convening the three largest actors that impact education – education technology companies, ministries of education and international donor agencies - and creating a growth flywheel to accelerate the Edtech ecosystem and its impact on learning outcomes. For more information, click here

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