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At Mindstone we know what it’s like to work remotely - we launched during lockdown and some members of our team have never met in person. So we set out to build a learning platform that we would want to use ourselves.

Joshua Wohle - Chief Executive Officer

As co-founder @ SuperAwesome, I learned to build a company from first principles. Thinking back over my own learning journey, from dropping out of college twice, to getting a remote MBA from the Open University, I realized that the first principles of education were all wrong. We need a model of learning that focuses on the learner, not the institution or the employer. That’s why I founded Mindstone. 

Patrick Cootes - Chief Learning Officer

As a secondary teacher and head of Sixth Form I’ve seen first-hand how the education system leaves people feeling like failures, when it’s the system itself that's broken. Josh and I got talking about what a better learning experience would look like, and the idea of a learner-centred approach really clicked with me. I co-founded Mindstone to help people become better learners, and I’ve never looked back.

Melody Lang - Chief Operating Officer

My PhD is in engineering, but my passion is Education, which led me to change career to co-found Mindstone. I want to see a future where what you learn, how you learn, and when and where you learn is up to you, not an institution - and that’s exactly what Mindstone is setting out to achieve. 

Florian Zysset - Chief Technology Officer

This is the third company I’ve launched with Josh, so I knew what I was getting myself into! With Mindstone we’re working to build something flexible and open-ended, where you never get bored because there’s always something new to learn.

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